Ana Tamayo
Ana Tamayo


Lettre à Isaac, vidéo Full HD (1080p) transférée à H.264, 11’00 min, 2021
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Cette vidéo est un parcours sensible qui raconte à mon fils la situation actuelle de l'écologie, en mode féministe et maternelle aux couleurs sorcières, païennes, et autonomes. Les photographies et les vidéos font partie de mes archives de 2012 à 2020, issues de voyages entre la Colombie et la France. Il y a des citations écofémnistes, notamment des écrivaines et militantes comme Starhawk, Dona Haraway et Isabelle Stengers. Faisant référence à cette dernière dans un article sortie dans la revue Jef Klak “Terre de feu” en janvier 2021. Je donne des outils rituels à mon enfant Isaac pour transformer son lien à la terre et aux femmes, malgré la société.

Este video es un viaje sensible que le cuenta a mi hijo la situación actual de la ecología, en un modo feminista y maternal con colores brujos, paganos y autónomos. Las fotografías y vídeos forman parte de mi archivo desde 2012 hasta 2020, de viajes entre Colombia y Francia. Hay citas ecofeministas de escritoras y activistas como Starhawk, Dona Haraway e Isabelle Stengers. Refiriéndose a esto último en un artículo publicado en la revista "Terre de feu" de Jef Klak en enero de 2021. Le doy a mi hijo Isaac herramientas rituales para transformar su conexión con la tierra y con las mujeres, a pesar de la sociedad.


This video is a sensitive journey that tells my son about the current situation of ecology, in feminist and maternal mode with witchy, pagan, and autonomous colors. The photographs and videos are part of my archive from 2012 to 2020, from travels between Colombia and France. There are ecofeminist quotes, including from writers and activists like Starhawk, Dona Haraway, and Isabelle Stengers. Referring to the latter in an article published in the Jef Klak magazine "Terre de feu" in January 2021. I give ritual tools to my child Isaac to transform his connection to the earth and to women, despite society.

This series of photographs and objects that becomes an installation are the first two parts of the Queer Constellation. The black and white printed photographs are made from queer fetish objects, in a performative gesture of surveying intimate and public places. The images are intervened with words. There emerges a language of Abya Yala's intersectional feminism. One could say a queer and anti-racist eco feminism.
On the other hand, photographs of performances with starry backgrounds are used as metaphors. On the one hand this re-situates the human in a geological and cosmic scale, on the other hand it shows different constellations or worlds co-inhabiting together. A world that contains many worlds as the Zapatistas say.

This installation around a feminist SF tells the history of a queer community, propelled by the global south, which seeks autonomy of its food and health and does not want to reproduce the society of today. It is in search of in search of ancestral and contemporary body memories and ecological knowledge to redefine their territories and boundaries in different parts of the world and in cyber space. This series is imagined as a diversity of constellations where | address issues such as care through medicinal plants, emotional digestion, dancing as a way of performing bodily and self-care tools; gender deconstruction, alternative thoughts and writings.
In this context | program, "Pelvica", as performative laboratory and collective workshops that allow the movement of bodies and thoughts, the conversation and construction of multiple points of view on digestion and non-reproduction, in collaborative care environments. Some of these collective and individual photographs are the result of invitations and the creation of these workshops: body movement, medicinal plants, drawing and automatic writing & collective and individual performance photography. These laboratories were activated in Colombia, with the help of the Traversées grant, at the Tour Mercuriales in Bagnolet within the Plateau Urbain, and at the Cité Internationale des Arts, as a laureate of the Fondation Carasso. This series is currently in post-production, is open and will be continued.

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